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Acne Treatment in Hamilton

Reduce facial redness and dilated blood vessels to create even texture and a smooth tone that improves the overall appearance of rosacea prone skin.

Why you should choose Acne Treatments with SharpLight

  • Visible results from the very 1 treatment
  • Non-invasive, safe treatment
  • Long lasting results
  • Eliminates side effects associated with topical medications
  • Effective on various skin types
  • Clinically proven, fast treatment
  • A safe and effective solution for all patient profiles
  • Treatment for both active acne and post acne scars


During the DPC treatment, you might feel a momentary heating sensation, but no pain. With the Fractional Laser, slight tingling might be felt when the beam is emitted, yet thetreatment is extremely tolerable with minimal downtime

For mild to moderate acne, a typical regimen is 8-12 short treatment sessions over a period of one month to reduce papules and pustules by 70%. For post acne scars, approximately 3 treatments are required

Patients treated with DPC technology experience zero side effects, rapid diminishing of acne and reduced psychological stress. The treatment also reduces the likelihood of acne lesions that leave permanent scars.