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To Book please follow our BOOK NOW button on the top of the page, choose your specific service and specific technician you prefer. Some services require a deposit such as facials, body sculpting and hair services. Your $25.00 deposit is used towards your service and secures your space with your desired technician.


Please come in with a Clean, Fresh and Make up free face. Do not apply any oil based products to your lashes or face within 24 hours of your appointment. If your coming in for a Lash appointment absolutely NO mascara. If these instructions are not followed we cannot grantee the life of your lashes as it is very difficult to remove some make up, mascara or oils from the face and lashes.


After your Lash appointment, do not wet your lashes for the first 24 hours to allow the glue to properly cure. Do not enter any sauna, pool or spa until the 24 hour period is complete. Avoid rubbing the eyes and picking at your lashes PLEASE. Do not use Masacra or an eyelash curler becuse this will result in the need to have your lashes removed and install a brand new set. Use only OIL FREE products and cleanse your lashes at least once a week. Use Liquid OIL FREE eye liner only. Do not cut your lashes as this will require a new set. Lastly please becareful when opening ovens, dishwashers, lighting candles or standing near a campfire as this may singe your lashes and require a new set.

Please NO MAKE UP for 24 hours minimum.


When Booking your fill please follow our BOOK NOW button and select the specific service and specific technician you prefer. When booking your fill be aware that it is best to book at least 1-2 weeks in advance to secure a space with your specific technician as spots fill up quickly. Be aware that to be considered a fill you must have 40% of your lashes from your previous appointment left over or it will be considered a full set NO EXCEPTIONS. To avoid needing a full set please make sure you book your fill in advance in the recommended 2-3 weeks.


Cancellations may be done up to 24 hours before your appointment, after the 24 hour period you will be required to a pay a $50 cancellation fee if your spot cannot be filled. We understand things happen, and if there is an emergency please call us at anytime and notify us and we will be understanding.

NO SHOWS will have to pay a $50.00 no show fee in order to be rebooked and a $50.00 deposit for their next service to be used towards their next appointment. If there is a second no show, they will not be rebooked.

LATES if you are 15 mins or more late for your appointment you will need to be rescheduled and also pay the $25 no show fee. If you insist on still having your appointment we will only beable to accomadate the remaining time of your booking as we are usually very booked and have clients come in back to back.

We Have Promos Every Month, To Inquire Please Give Us A Call