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Beauty Med Soin Clarifiant Clerifying Care


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Beauty Med soin Clarifiant Clarifying


Beautymed dermo-cosmetics cares includes 3 products. Serum and cream can be applied daily, morning, and/or evening for targeted action. The mask is used.
once to twice a week. This association of 3 products assures an optimal result.

Reduce hyperpigmentation problems and unify skin tone.

It contributes to reducing hyperpigmentation problems, evens the skin tone, and brightens the complexion. It also helps maintain the cutaneous hydration** and protect the epidermis from external aggressions.

This serum is highly concentrated in brightening and anti-blemish actives. It contributes to slow down melanin biosynthesis, attenuating existing pigmentation spots, and preventing new ones.

The cream contributes to even the skin tone and minimizes the appearance of pigmentation problems while hydrating** the epidermis.

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