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Cosmic curing Elixer Super Bonder


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Cosmic curing Elixer super bond.

Product is 15ml /0.51oz bottle to prevent spillage from air pressure during transit. 


Cosmic curing super bonder used to prime(before) and seal (after)eyelash extensions.All adhesives bond to moisture in our lashes, by having super bonder will be so much longer and have a faster application time.! This also helps with fumes, and sensitive eyes. By it having a light aloe/cucumber scent to it, it’s perfect for every client.

Introducing this new revolutionary product that can save both you and your clients time and money, and maximize retention! 

Why try our SuperBonder? 

➔ Works with ALL adhesives
➔ Cost effective – 1 bottle will last you at least 150 – 200 clients!
➔ Suitable for Classic or Volume Lashes
➔ Cures the Cyanoacrylate making it flexible
➔ Maximises retention by up to 30%
➔ Reduces irritation for the client
➔ Seals the adhesive effectively – WITHOUT shock curing
➔ Great for clients who get irritation days after treatment
➔ Your client can get their lashes wet 3 minutes after treatment
➔ Reduces sensitivity 

How does this work? 

The main ingredient in glue that bonds the extension and lashes together is Cyanoacrylate. Normal dried Cyanoacrylate is not very flexible, which is one of the reasons why lashes fall off after a while. The Superbonder’s job is to add elasticity to the adhesive making the bonds more flexible, therefore resulting in better retention. Super bonder instantly polymerizes the adhesive, without shock curing. Sealing the fumes from the adhesive significantly reduces any irritations and sensitivities! Additionally, because the bonds have been sealed, the lashes therefore are safe to get wet after 3 minutes! You and your clients will no longer have to wait 24-48 hours to go to the gym or wash your lashes. 

Say goodbye to nanomisters or nebulizers! 

When using our SuperBonder, you will no longer need to use a nanomister or nebulizer at the end of each appointment. When using these water devices to cure adhesives, the curing process starts from the outer layer and humidity stays in the adhesive. Superbonder works with cyanoacrylate and starts the curing process from within which pushes the humidity out, resulting in a tighter bond. Water curing evaporates from the surface of the adhesive porous but SuperBonder seals the surface of the adhesive, ensuring any fumes from the adhesive are contained within the adhesive bond. A porous surface means that a small amount of fumes is still being released even after cyanoacrylate is cured. This is what causes clients to feel that “burning” sensation from the glue’s fumes. As these fumes evaporate, the adhesive loses some of their retention power, but with the Superbonder, these fumes are contained, resulting in better retention. 

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