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RGLash ultra Eyelash and Eyebrow serum


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RGLash ultra Eyelash and Eyebrow serum

  • Innovative serum to support the natural growth, length, density and thickness of eyelashes
  • With newly developed, proprietary lipo-oligopeptide SymPeptide®Xlash (consisting of five amino acids and one fatty acid)
  • Serum penetrates deep into skin and hair follicles due to its ultra-lightweight consistency
  • Promotes an enhanced lengthening effect for existing eyelashes and minimizes lash loss
  • Visibly balances thinning and small irregularities in eyebrows
  • Results in the natural growth of stunning lashes and more expressive eyes
Directions: To achieve the best results, the serum should be applied once a day for 10-12 weeks and repeated daily application will not speed results.
Key Ingredients:
  • SymPeptide®Xlash (lipo-oligopeptide consisting five amino acids and one fatty acid)
  • Panthenol (soothing, moisturizing)
  • Chamomile Extract (soothing)


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